Queserías del Tiétar is a family business which is dedicated with passion and precision to the production of an exquisite goat’s cheese.

Top quality raw material: Goat’s milk from the valley of Tiétar, rennet and salt. These ingredients, a totally natural process, meeting all the quality controls make the perfect cheese possible: aroma, flavour, appearance and texture. Pure pleasure.

The milk undergoes a thorough daily analysis before being transformed in to cheese thus ensuring its impeccable bacteriological quality, one of the keys to the high standard of the final product offered by Queserías del Tiétar to its customers.

The cheese dairy -as it is commonly known in the area- is set in the mountains to the south of the Gredos mountain range in Adrada in the Avila province, and has become a must for those visiting this beautiful region renowned for its abundant vegetation and its special microclimate.


The Quality and Process

As Paloma clearly states “quality is much more than the certificates and the necessary sanitary controls, the quality of the raw material and the production process we insist on are the only guarantee for a good cheese”.

Our industry is controlled through inspections of the FDA (Food and Drug Association) (USA).

From Queserías del Tiétar we take care the control of processes, the manufacture, the awareness of the personnel and the management of the business. “All our effort is aimed to maximise customer satisfaction” Paloma adds.

This is our Quality Policy



The People


Queserías del Tiétar started its production 27 years ago with only 2 people.

There are currently 14 professionals in the team who along with Paloma and Rafael have mastered the various skills necessary to work in the cheese industry following the artisan tradition.