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Monte Enebro® The Monte Enebro® is a soft paste cheese with a mouldy rind made from pasteurised goat´s milk of impeccable bacteriological quality.

It is known for its distinctive creaminess and for its pure and delicate goat´s milk flavour as well as its subtle acidity. The immaculate whiteness of its paste contrasts with the rind of blue mold denominated penicillium roqueforti, typical of the inside of the blue cheeses. Its shape also known as “the mule’s leg” is tubular, elongated and cylindrical.

Its one of the most well known and well considered cheeses in the world not only for its acceptance among cheese lovers but also for its mentions in national and international awards.
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Semi Cured
Cabra del Tiétar®
The semi cured Cabra del Tiétar®
is pure and creamy on the palate.
It’s made from natural ingredients: pasteurised goat´s milk, rennet
and salt, following the artisan process.

This variety of cheese is the only one which appears in “the map of Spanish cheeses” classified as “Tiétar Cheese”.

Fresh Cheese
Cabra del Tiétar®
The Fresh Cheese Cabra del Tiétar® is a naturalproduct made from pasteurised goat´s milk,
slightly salted with no whey due to the compression it undergoes.

The production process of our fresh cheese is completely natural following the strictest sanitary and hygiene controls.

It is vacuum packed for transport reasons and a better preservation.

The freshness of the product does not subtract from its taste, revealing a soft and exquisite favour in every mouthful.

Aromatic Herbs
Cabra del Tiétar®
Cheese paste mades from goat’s milk to which are added aromatic herbs and a slight touch of garlic.

Delicious spread on bread or canapés accompanied with anchovies or fresh tomatoes.

Aromatic Herbs Cabra del Tiétar® spread contains vegetable fibre beneficial for the organism and stimulates the formation of bifidus bacteria.
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