Ideas with cheese




This cheese is ideal for you to develop all your creativity in the kitchen. With the following suggestions, we aim to help you take advantage of other people’s culinary experiences, giving you some hints. Either way it is very tasty, even on its own or with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over the slice



Try it with…


Roasted piquillo peppers,

Piquillo peppers’ sauce, caramelized onion or

any jam which highlights the flavor of the cheese:

 blueberry, raspberry, wild fruits…



A hint of heat


To enhance the flavour of the cheese, we advise you

to cut a slice and place it on a small pan,

previously heated with a few drops of olive oil.

Cook it for approximately 1 minute on each side.


As an alternative: bake in the oven.



With pine nuts


Stir fry 100gr of pine nuts in extra virgin olive oil

until crunchy. Keep warm.

Cut a few slices of Monte Enebro,

of approximately ½ cm each and place on a plate.

Decorate with some rocket salad,

cover the sliced cheese with the

warm and crunchy pine nut oil.

Drizzle with some honey.





Lightly coat a slice of Monte Enebro (of approximately 90g) in flour.

Whisk an egg together with a dessert spoon of milk.

After flouring the cheese,

 dip in egg wash – making sure it’s covered all around

Place in a small pan with approximately 7-8cm depth

of vegetable oil (or deep fry at 170ºC) for approximately 1 minute,

or until the batter changes to a light brown.

Drizzle with honey.




Other savory suggestions: good with salads, pies, burgers, quiche, pizza, pasta.

For the sweetest palates: cheesecake

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