Ideas with cheese

This cheese is ideal for developing a cooks creativity and ingenuity. We are giving you a few tips hoping that you might benefit from other people’s experience. However it is very tasty on its own or with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil on a slice.

With red peppers
Marinade some roasted pepper strips in honey and balsamic vinegar for a few days. Then cut a slice of Monte Enebro® and in the centre of the dish place the preserved peppers in a circular fashion. Put in the oven for a short while as the cheese melts very quickly. The rind will get harder and separate itself from the rest of the cheese.

As a spread
Cut into slices, put in the microwave and spread on toast.

With dill leaves
Heat up in the oven various slices of Monte Enebro® covered with dill leaves. Can also be served with fresh figs (cut into halves) or figs in syrup or wild forest berries.

With pine nuts
Sauté 100 gr. of pine nuts in extra virgin olive oil until they are crunchy. Keep warm. Cut three slices (5mm. thick) of Monte Enebro®, put on the plate with lamb lettuce and rocket and sprinkle with the warm oil from the pine nuts. Decorate with a trickle of honey.

With caramelised onion
Heat up a few slices of Monte Enebro® in the oven and add some caramelised onion. They go excellently together.